Aliyah, v, – “Moving up.” Being called up to the torah to recite a blessing on the reading; Moving to Israel.

Torah, n – The five books of Moses.  Broadly speaking, it is a Jewish tradition passed down in written and oral form and a way of life.

Sitzfleisch, n, – “Sitting flesh”. The ability to endure or carry on with an activity. From German, sitzen (“to sit”) + fleisch (“flesh”).

I am an olah chadashah, a person who recently made aliyah to Israel.  In synagogue lingo, an “aliyah l’torah” means being given the honor to come up to the Torah to make the blessing before its reading. I have “moved up” to be connected to the communities of Torah learning here, where it all started.

In an age of knee-jerk reacting and fast-as-you-can Twitter posting, the aim of this blog is to be a thoughtful reflection on what I have learned from studying Torah and from life in Israel, and the intersection between the two.  Hence, the word sitzfleisch in the URL. It’s catchy, if you can get the word out of your mouth.

תא שמא, Ta Shma “Come and Listen,” the Jewish sages beckon in the Talmud.  Come and engage!  Wherever it is that your sitzfleisch lands — whether in Israel or abroad, in the office, on the bus, or, heck, during shiur, I hope that you’ll contribute your perspective.


Halachik Disclaimer: No matters related to Jewish law or practice should be decided by what you read here. You should always consult your local rabbi.

Editor’s Note:  By the sheer fact that this blog contains the word “Israel,” it is sure to invite a lot of politically opinionated comments. The focus of this blog is not political, and those sorts of discussions might best be held elsewhere. Nonetheless, I will not remove any comments unless it contains hate speech.

Observation: If you made it to this point, I applaud your effort to be thorough.

1 Response to “About the Blog”

  1. 1 Jack Rosenblum October 30, 2009 at 3:00 am

    Hi Leens,

    I took time to read each of your posts. Really very nice.
    I am very proud of your achievements and your
    journalism ability. You make everything you write
    very interesting.



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Ilene Rosenblum is a writer and marketing professional living in Jerusalem.

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