Will You Introduce Me to Your Husband?

My husband told me that he doesn’t mind being mentioned in this blog.  That’s good, because it could be difficult to talk about the wedding without him in the picture.

I remember that shortly after Birkat HaMazon, grace after meals, my aunt pulled me over and said “Nu, so do I get to meet your husband?”  It didn’t hit me that she hadn’t.  Even my brother first met him the day of the wedding.  Weird.

Hello. I love you. Won't you tell me your name?

Physical distance from family is the big downside of aliyah, for sure.  I’m lucky that my parents were able to come meet Noach before the big day.

The thing is, it doesn’t seem so weird to say “husband”.  I hesitate only slightly when saying it because it makes me feel old.  But in terms of the guy?  Although we’ve known each other for less than a year, it just seems natural.

As hokey as it sounds, at my wedding I felt like I had known Noach forever, and since she knew me from birth, it seemed logical that she would have known him all along too.


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