Purim is a Mixed Simcha

The 14th of the month of Adar is not only Purim, arguably the happiest time in the Jewish calendar.  It is also the yarzheit, anniversary of the death of my grandmother, Ruth, z’l.

me and grandma

My grandmother and I, at my brother's wedding, July 2002.

My grandmother, originally of Belarus (I think.  The borders changed about 10 times during her lifetime), was an immigrant herself, a Zionist, and an awesome cook and baker, who made everything from scratch!

Although it is not yet Purim in Jerusalem, I did some baking on my day off, and ate a mini seudah, festive meal, in her honor.  I baked some pita bread (because baking hamentashen is just too standard and bread is the essence of any Jewish festive meal), and it came out great!

You can get the pita recipe here.  I found that I needed twice the amount of flour that it suggested.


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