In Tehillim/Psalms, 85:12, King David says, Emet meieretz titzmach, “Truth will sprout from the earth.” The founder of Chassidut, the Baal Shem Tov, zl, wonders why truth seems so inaccessible.  How can it be difficult to pick something that grows in abundance? He explains that it is available to “pick”, but it nonetheless requires effort to harvest.

How often do we neglect the good that is within arm’s reach?  How often do we not take the extra effort to put in a kind word, extend a hand, or take the time to take care of ourselves? To pick, one must bend over, be a little self-effacing, maybe even be willing to get a little dirty.

Not everyone is willing. Lowering oneself, maybe even asking for assistance is too uncomfortable. Ego gets in the way, and truth just might not seem worth it.

This week has been one of immense personal and professional growth.  A lot of sprouting, that I hope is well-grounded.  As my area of expertise increasingly lends itself to online media and social networking, I’ve become really aware of how much of an ego-driven self-centered enterprise all of these online profiles and networks can be.  How do you manage branding yourself without letting your ego get out of control?

In honor of all of these developments, I’m also taking control of the emet, truth of self-care, which is that proper nutrition is really essential to well-being, and I’m experimenting with making sprouts!  My first trial will be with lentils, following the advice of this YouTube video created by really enthusiastic Australians.


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Ilene Rosenblum is a writer and marketing professional living in Jerusalem.

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